About BASELINE Environmental Consulting

It is important that you work with an environmental consultant that is both experienced and efficient, but it is also important that the working relationship is simple, effective, built for the long-term, and even enjoyable.

We build a responsive team designed specifically for your needs. Focused on your requirements, you can be confident you will always have a regular and trusted point of contact throughout the complete lifecycle of your project.

Below you can see the expertise and qualifications of the BASELINE team, it includes: professional geologists, professional engineers, certified hydrogeologists, certified engineering geologists, environmental scientists, and risk assessors.

Yane Nordhav
Principal, Professional Geologist
M.S. Geology

Yane has over 30 years of experience in CEQA/NEPA and hazardous materials investigations and remediation. She currently works primarily on negotiations with regulatory agencies, litigation support, technical review of CEQA/NEPA documents and hazardous materials-related documents, and manages large CEQA projects.

Bruce Abelli-Amen
Principal/Senior Hydrogeologist, Professional Geologist, Certified Hydrogeologist
M.S. Geology

Bruce has been with BASELINE for 25 years and has managed numerous soil and groundwater quality investigations, remediation programs, and large CEQA/NEPA projects. He has extensive experience analyzing and resolving complex water quality and hydrogeologic challenges associated with new development and redevelopment.

Lydia Huang
Senior Engineer, Professional Engineer
M.S. Civil / Environmental Engineering

Lydia has worked at BASELINE for over 20 years and works primarily on projects related to redevelopment of contaminated industrial properties, infrastructure construction projects, and litigation support. By combining her statistical and database skills, she manages large investigations and environmental programs for our clients. As such, she has been instrumental in assisting clients in clarifying complex environmental issues.

Todd Taylor
Environmental Associate
B.A. English, M.S., Applied Geosciences (candidate)

Todd has been with BASELINE for over 15 years and has managed over 100 Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments for development and redevelopment projects throughout Northern California. He has also performed numerous third-party reviews of environmental investigations prepared by other firms to ensure that those investigations were performed in accordance with ASTM and other industry standards. He also has extensive experience preparing Hazards and Hydrology and Water Quality analyses for CEQA and NEPA documents.

William K Scott
Field Geologist, Professional Geologist, Certified Hydrogeologist,
Certified Engineering Geologist
B.S. Geology

Bill has been with BASELINE for more than 25 years and has managed field activities for more than 150 groundwater and hazardous waste investigations and remediation projects. He also has performed mitigation monitoring for large-scale construction projects and conducted environmental audits of public and industrial facilities.

Redgy Ramirez
Project Engineer, Professional Engineer, QSD, QSP
B.S. Civil Engineering

Redgy has been with BASELINE for more than 10 years and performs all aspects of site investigation, from sampling plan design and permitting to field data collection and analysis to report preparation. He has been an environmental monitor representing clients in the field to ensure that contractors adhere to mitigation measures and contract conditions for environmental issues, including air quality, noise, vibration, and surface water protection. He also prepares ISA and ADL investigations in accordance with Caltrans requirements.

Patrick Sutton
Environmental Engineer II
M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Patrick has been with BASELINE for more than 6 years and has experience conducting subsurface hazardous waste investigations (including numerous Caltrans-required ISAs and PSIs) and overseeing remediation projects. Patrick is an expert at database development and management. He also prepares Phase I investigations in accordance with ASTM standards, and CEQA/NEPA impact assessments for Geology and Soils and Hazards issues.

Monika Krupa
Environmental Scientist, M.S., Soils and Biogeochemistry

Monika joined the BASELINE team in 2012. She brings with her strong analytical skills and an in-depth knowledge of soils and surface water quality. She has experience conducting CEQA analyses of Hazards and Hydrology and Water Quality issues for various types of projects, including infill redevelopment, hillside projects, and coastal projects. She also prepares Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and assists with Phase II site investigations.

Cem Atabek
Environmental Engineer, B.S., Environmental Engineering

Cem Atabek is an Environmental Engineer with over 7 years of environmental consulting experience. He has managed and worked on projects related to hazardous materials management, site characterization, development and implementation of remedial actions, and soil gas mitigation for city, county, port, commercial/industrial, and school district clients.

Mengzhu (Lisa) Luo
Environmental Engineer I
M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lisa joined the BASELINE team in 2015. She brings with her a strong background in engineering, environmental science, and water resources. Most recently, Lisa was a member of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission wastewater engineering team working in the areas of wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, and nutrient removal/recovery. Lisa also has experience conducting CEQA evaluations, including noise and vibration analyses.